Green grass, blue skies and the crystal clear waters of Wisconsin are the primary ingredients in Wisconsin Meadows 100% Grass-fed Beef and Pastured Pork products. (OK – plus some healthy soil to root around in!) Our Wisconsin family farm member-owners who raise the livestock for all Wisconsin Meadows products believe that rotationally grazing is the best way to raise lean, tasty beef and pork.

Sustainably Produced 100% Grass-fed (and finished!) Beef

Wisconsin Meadows beef is 100% grass-fed and grass-finished. The cattle on our cooperative members’ farms are fed only grass (and other pasture plants like clover) – or stored forms of those same plants in things like hay – for their entire life from birth to slaughter. No grains, ever. Our beef comes from livestock raised on family farms all across Wisconsin that are humanely treated, and naturally-raised without synthetic growth hormones or antibiotics.

Our cattle are never in feedlots and calves are left with their mothers to learn natural grazing and social behaviors. We use low-stress handling methods which make for calmer, healthier cattle. They all have outdoor access and rotationally graze their entire lives, eating only pasture forages and hay. Rotational grazing has many benefits for the environment, the cattle, and the farmer!

Regeneratively Produced Pastured Pork

Brought to you by the same farmer-owned cooperative that brings you Wisconsin Meadows 100% Grass-fed Beef, our producers believe that pastured animals produce the tastiest, healthiest meats. The well-managed pastures on our small family farms protect soil and water resources and provide wildlife habitat.

All our pork products are:

  • Nitrate Free* (*No nitrates except for those naturally occurring)
  • MSG Free
  • Gluten Free

Our pork come from family farms – humanely treated pastured hogs born and raised in Wisconsin. Our livestock is naturally and humanely raised without antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones. Our hogs are not confined to crates and have outdoor access their entire lives. The piglets are left with their mothers to learn natural rooting and foraging behavior. Low-stress handling and rotational grazing keep both the hogs and the pastures healthy.

  • Naturally raised without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics
  • No GMOs, chemical herbicides or pesticides used on our pastures
  • Local pork from the Wisconsin family farms who own our cooperative
  • Never fed animal by-products.
  • Humanely raised hogs who spend their entire lives living in Wisconsin meadows!

We believe in full transparency! Click here to see our production protocols. 

Our Products Offer:

• Taste: A high-quality eating experience!
• Locally Sourced: Animal age and source verification in Wisconsin!
• Animal Treatment: Humanely treated livestock with access to the outdoors their entire lives!
• Food Safety: Inspected processing facilities and farm-to-table traceability!
• Product purity: No growth hormones, GMOs or antibiotics!
• Environmental Stewardship: Use regenerative practices to improve soil and water quality!
• Health: Human health benefits (CLAs, Omega 3s,Omega 9s, etc.)!

Order Online for Home Delivery in Wisconsin

Try Wisconsin Meadows 100% grass-fed beef or pastured pork by ordering our 30 pound variety boxes. You’ll receive a variety of hamburger/sausage, roasts and steak/chops. For maximum sustainability, we endeavor to use all of each animal, therefore your particular cuts of roasts and steak/chops may vary due to availability. This option is a great way to try our products as well as stock up the freezer with nutritious, locally produced meat!

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